Soda contributes to depression

Any information not identified by scientists as a result of their analyses, lemonade, or simply put, soda. For example, researchers from Japan found that those women who drink a jar of sweet water with gas, 83 percent higher risk of stroke.

Prior to this, scientists have linked the consumption of lemonade with risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, excess weight and cancer of the pancreas.

the risk of development of heart attacks, diabetes, excess weight gain, brittle bones and pancreatic cancer.

And the results of the study, which was conducted by scientists from the Institute for medical research in North Carolina, found that drinking lemonade increase the risk of depression. Scientists determine that the lemonade contains the sweetener aspartame, which causes depression.

Scientists from the United States conducted this study to 256 thousand people of both sexes aged from 50 to 70 years, and found that among those who drinks on 4 or more cans of soda, 30 percent more people prone to depression than among those who do not drink soda at all.

What is most interesting, according to The Huffington Post, the most prone to depression lovers diet lemonades. By the way sweetener aspartame, which is present in every kind of soda water, was recently approved for use in the EU.

At the same time it was found that people who drink more than 4 cups of coffee per day, 10 percent less likely to suffer from depression. In this case, most likely blame the caffeine, which stimulates the brain.

Meanwhile, the British Association of producers of soft drinks made a statement, according to which they urge caution to the findings of American scientists, and that the results should be rechecked.

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