Soda continues to cause harm to human health

About the dangers of soda was mentioned many times. The study researchers from Boston medical center Brigham and Women's Hospital this time found that daily consumption of one of the banks carbonated soft drink increases the risk of kidney stones. According to experts, the availability of nutritious human diet sugary drinks makes it more likely that the occurrence of kidney stones. Meanwhile, there are ways to reduce this risk, while eating orange juice, tea and coffee making facilities. Experts recommend that people who have signs of development of kidney stones, drink more fluids, thus making "flush" the system.

But not every liquid is useful. For example, use every day just one cans of Coca-Cola for 23 percent increased risk of developing kidney stones compared with people who do not drink at all or drink no more than one banks in the week. Such interconnectedness continues to exist in the use not only of carbonated drinks and all drinks that contain sugar. That is why the same coffee or tea experts recommend to drink without sugar or sugar substitutes.

Urolithiasis is a very unpleasant disease, which is accompanied by severe pain during attacks, and in addition it becomes a cause of prolonged hospital stay. Have a tendency to this disease people should keep control over diet. But before the appointment of a diet they need to "catch" the remains of stones coming from the kidneys to the laboratory was determined their composition. Only on the basis of the received information, the doctor will be able to prescribe an appropriate treatment, and diet. In some cases, the patient has to abolish the use of certain foods and beverages.

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