Soda can cause depression and apathy

Recent American scientists research has debunked the myth that sweets improve mood. In the mentioned study involved more than 260 people, and its purpose was to determine the effect of soda on the mood of the people. After ten years of people regularly drank carbonated soft drinks, 11 thousand of them reported that they had symptoms of depression. On this basis, scientists were able to establish what should be the amount of drinks consumed to reach this state. One third of the participants had four glasses of soda per day to have the symptoms of apathy and depression. In addition, scientists have found that diet soda causes more severe symptoms of depression.

At the moment, the scientists could not prove how the influence of carbonated drinks on the state of children's Central nervous system, but they continue to work in this direction, and it is possible that in the near future they will be able to answer this question.

But scientists were able to establish that if a man will refuse from carbonated drinks and start to drink coffee, depression and apathy will disappear by themselves over a relatively short time.

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