Soda as provocateur inner obesity

If every day to drink a liter of regular Cola, the concentration of fat in the liver and muscle tissue surrounding the organs in the abdominal area will be significantly increased, according to the results of research by Danish scientists in the person of Dr. Bjorn Richelsen from the University hospital of Aarhus. It also contributes to increased risk of diabetes and cardio-vascular system, reports Reuters.

Gathering a group of volunteers, Dr. Richelson conducted an experiment in which a scientist suggested that volunteers daily for six months to drink one liter of milk, water, regular or diet Cola. Moreover, all 47 participants were observed excessive body weight. Recall: physicians (officially) not recommended to use more than 3 cans of soda a week.

Six months later, people who drank daily, regular Cola, the concentration of adipose tissue surrounding the internal organs, increased by 25 percent, and in the liver and muscle fat content increased almost twice. A similar change doctors traditionally associated with metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and other ailments.

So, the so-called ectopic fat has become the object of study of the Danish experts. This fat is considered the most dangerous in comparison with subcutaneous fat. The ectopic fat does not give the internal organs ability to function in normal mode.

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