Soda annually kills nearly 200 thousand people

184 thousand people die every year because of harmful Hobbies soda. So say us scientists. Drinking soda along with overeating leads to obesity, diabetes and many other diseases. This writes the magazine Circulation

In one jar of Cola contains more than 30 grams of sugar. Regular consumption of fast carbohydrates with abundant food and low physical activity leads to obesity, heart disease.

The scientists compared the frequency of use of soda with mortality in the study group. Directly or indirectly sodas being killed every year 180 thousand people. The vast majority die from complications of diabetes, about one quarter – from disease of the vessels.

"In many countries around the world thousands of people die for one reason – because of the soda. We must all unite on a global level to fight for a significant reduction, and it is better for a ban on the consumption of sugary carbonated beverages" - says Dariusz Mozafarian, author of the study.

Dietitians of America call to limit the sale of soft drinks and popularize natural products: juices and plain water. Make it very difficult, soda is a huge business with billions of dollars in turnover.

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