Soda affects the structure of the human brain

Soda is a popular drink. Not so long ago scientists proved that under its influence the brain may undergo significant changes, informs The Daily Mail. Recent studies have proven that constant consumption of soda changes the structure of more than one hundred proteins in the nerve tissue of the brain. It should be noted that similar changes occur in neurons under the influence of Alzheimer's disease and cancer processes.

Scientists believe that excessive consumption of soda and rapid sales growth in this area could lead to a global and dangerous consequences. More and more people prefer sweet soda as one of the main sources of energy. However, this is not correct, it is better to replace this drink natural juices or normal water.

Soda causes destruction of the bone and reduces their density. Large concentration of sugar in it dangerous for diabetics and increase the risk of developing this disease. The combination of fast food and soda is extremely high in calories and people who regularly eat in places at risk of overweight. In addition, scientists have shown the influence of drink on the structure of neural connections in the brain.

To prove their theory, the team of scientists from the University of Sydney conducted a experience involving laboratory rats. The animals were divided into two groups. First every day, drinking the sweet water, which is a direct analogue of carbonated drinks. The second group was the control and continued to drink plain water. At the end of the study was that the first group was pathologically active, and the analysis of the brain revealed a pathology of the structure about three hundred proteins in the nerve tissue.

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