Sociologists say that more and more Russians drank

Despite the fact that a healthy lifestyle is now being promoted widely, there is a reverse trend: the population of Russia drink more and more. To such conclusion the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM).

So, according to last year data, previously to the category of nondrinkers themselves 40% of the population of Russia. This year the number fell, fell to the level of 33%.

In accordance with the latest study, 67% of respondents showed that drink alcohol rarely (once a month or even less frequently). To afford to drink a few times a month 18% of respondents. According to the world health organization, annual average of inhabitants of Russia drink 11.7 liters of alcoholic beverages per capita.

However, remained the same percentage of fans to smoke. If we talk about food, 59% of respondents say that they follow him. Among them 7% are on a diet, established by the doctor, 13% - the one that elected on their own, 39 per cent try to follow a proper diet.

However, a major barrier to healthy eating are often money, or rather, the lack thereof. The experts stress that low incomes are a cause of increasing the proportion of those who are not able to eat right (if before they were 14%, now 19%). There are those people who do not need any dietary restrictions since they do not show any complaints related to health (the figure was 21%).

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