Sociologists have learned how a man can spend time in the shop

Long known fact that men don't like shopping. Studies show that men get tired of it after 30 minutes. While women are able to walk to the shops for more than two hours, says The Indian Express. About a quarter of men are so tired from shopping, they have to leave their girlfriends and go home. This result showed the survey, conducted among 2,000 people. 80 percent of men consider shopping tedious, and almost half said that they try to avoid co-shopping service.

Most men get annoyed from the fact that women can't make decisions quickly in favor of some things. To such conclusion came Andy Oldham - the head of research. In addition, men often complain of hunger, thirst, the commotion of shopping centres and lost time.

Almost 48 percent of the men go in the shop away from their girlfriends, and one in three runs in other stores. One third of respondents men prefer not entered the shop, waiting outside. Every second Respondent argued in the Mall with his companion because of a bad mood. It is also worth noting that 58 percent of respondents would pretend they like shopping, if he was promised a reward at the end of the hike.

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