Social networks provoke the appearance of wrinkles – scientists

Social networks consume valuable hours of life. Instead of a regular folder check personal messages or news researchers recommend do themselves and their health. Otherwise, premature aging becomes very real threats.

A group of scientists from Merz Aesthetics has investigated the influence of cell phones on human health. For research were invited to five thousand volunteers from Italy, Russia, France, Spain and South Korea. Mainly on the experiment agreed women.

According to the data collected, nearly 70% of people used their smartphones constantly, 30% spent on social networks every day for two hours or more. Many said they feel uncomfortable when not able to verify your account. Similar feelings are experienced by smokers, which the rules forbid Smoking.

Even scientists have noticed that regular use of smartphones leads to the formation of wrinkles. When a person reads information from the screen, his facial muscles involuntarily contract and generate squinting grimace. What causes skin problems, experts say.

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