Social networks lead to obesity - research

Scientists have proved the existence of a link between obesity and constant presence in social networks. It turned out that people with this addiction have a tendency to obesity.

Irish scientists have conducted a survey, which found that there is a relationship between social networks and obesity. Basically the study involved students are the main target audience of social networks. The results showed that the average modern person spends hours of time in virtual space, communicating with friends. If this is ignored the rest of the time spent on the Internet.

Scientists say that the more people spend time for virtual communication, the worse his physical form. It is noted that such people do not like team sports and prefer a computer with Internet access.

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Earlier research done shows that today 4/5 modern Russians prefer Internet real communication. Many do not turn off the social network around the clock to constantly be connected. Interestingly, this trend is characteristic not only for young people but for the older generations.

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