Social networks help to lose weight

A group of American scientists from the University of North Carolina tried to find out how it helps the blog man to reduce his excess pounds. The results of the study should be pleased by the active participants of social networks, Corriere della Sera reports.

For the experiment, scientists have divided the people who are prone to obesity, in 2 groups. All participants were given mobile phones and began to feed healthy food. Every three days, each volunteer received an SMS with instructions on further optimization of the supply.

The numbers of participants in one group were equipped with a special application that allows you to talk about progress on Twitter. The slogan of the experiment was "going on a diet - tell us about it on Twitter".

The experiment participants were given several times a day a consultation with a dietitian, who also invited them to share their achievements on the Internet. By the way, all the profiles of volunteers were anonymous, and never mentioned the actual weight of the user account.

Not all participants performed the guidance of nutritionists. But the diet of those who led your page in the Network, was more successful. According to the head of academic group brie Turner-Macgreevy, a greater number of kilograms lost the one who posted more tweets. This is evidenced by the obtained statistical data: 10 sent messages were equivalent to a weight loss of half a percent.

An important role in the results obtained have played other Twitter users, who provided all sorts of support to the participants of the experiment and inspired them to continue the fight against excess weight.

That is the positive side of the coin, but we should not forget that another study conducted by American scientists found that overreliance on social networks leads to the development of depression in Internet users.

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