Social networks do not harm the performance of students, unlike computer games

The use of social media by adolescents does not affect their academic performance, say scientists. Video games, on the contrary, reduce the success of children in school. This was the conclusion from research group by analyzing the database of the National Bureau of childhood in schools in Northern Ireland.

Observations showed that 77% of children were spending playing computer games less time, receive an estimate of A, B and C. Students who played twice a day, exams are much worse, among them, the proportion of positive evaluations was 41%.

Statistics of Internet activity among adolescents has also garnered attention. 40% of children spent on the Internet more than four hours a day. Their scores remained at the same level, from classmates, not using social networks.

Scientists advise teachers to instill in students a love of books. The ability of finding information in the library and on the Internet – extremely important skills that will be useful to adolescents in the future.

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