Social networks break the psyche

Scientists from the UK found that half of the people watching after leaving their former loved ones through social networking. To survive a breakup is not easy, but the more pernicious for the psyche according to psychologist Tara Marshall to follow his former life in the distance.

Many people keep track of whether their former partners, new half, looking at pictures with new rivals, such constant stress leads to severe psychological trauma. Such people do not give their numerous wounds to take, from time to time bereda them. Earlier news about his former partner was more difficult, except that from mutual friends, and now thousands of people have got a simple method of constant leading to disappointment monitoring personal life have left their man.

Psychologists have analyzed the emotional state of 464 participants who experienced a rupture of relations. They evaluated the level of emotional attachment and sexual desire to the former halves, negative feelings, and the sense that subjects braking personal growth and the ability again to move forward. It turned out that ongoing monitoring of your former partners in a very negative effect on the stabilization of emotional States after the break, leading to a slowdown in personal growth and self-esteem. Massive negative effect promotes the widespread availability and popularity of social networks.

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