Social networks are changing the self-esteem - psychologists

Social networks provide contact with hundreds and thousands of friends from different ends of the Earth. The reaction of friends, likes, reposts and comments is an integral part of the Internet communication. Psychologists from the University of Queensland found out: if you take away a person's social network, his self-esteem will drop.

Data were proved in the course of the experiment. Volunteers were divided into two groups. The first group had to throw a social network for two days. The second group was sitting in the usual Facebook and Twitter accounts, in which disabled the ability to get and leave comments.

It turned out that the restriction of Internet freedom was reduced sense of belonging, importance of life and self-esteem. In the first group of volunteers felt isolated from the world.

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The thing is that Internet communication is significantly different from the personal. The answer is to wait for some time, in addition, messages are deprived of nonverbal reactions. If a person is unsatisfied with the response in one social network, it will simply go to another. This is confirmed by the constant discovery of new Internet projects aimed at communication and exchange of information.

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