Social networking is one of the causes of anorexia

Scientists conducted a study of the digestive system girls and came to the conclusion that social networks can be one of the reasons for the development of anorexia.

Active use of social networks leads to a more critical attitude to his body. Facebook and Vkontakte full groups on the process of weight loss, which tells about the new ideals of beauty. Most of the girls that absolutely normal, under the new standards will not fit, but want desperately to get into artificial frames.

Likes under the photos, the constant reposts quotes lead to dependence on the presence in social networks, anxiety, thoughts about overweight. Research proves that most girls just 20 minutes in special groups, to begin to feel thick.

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It should be noted that this study is not the first. Previously, scientists have proven that social networks have perverted the concept of beauty and health. In the immature teenagers sit on unnecessary diets and affect the functioning of the body.

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