Social networking is harmful for single women

Social networks have become a popular way of communication, without which it can not do most people. However, scientists believe that certain groups should refrain from making time for this lesson. Mental health of single women, constantly viewing the profiles of their successful friends may be broken, The Daily Mail reports.

The study's author Zoe, Strimpel believes that people are trying to build the ideal self-image in social networks. This picture is often not true, but causes a feeling of envy of subscribers and friends. This factor may have a negative impact on people, especially singles.

Scientists recommend to refrain from visiting Facebook all the single ladies. It was also reported that women spend more time in social networking for finding new acquaintances with the opposite sex. The constant search for new profiles of men and sense their page creates a false impression that this person is already present in a woman's life. This factor is incorrect and should be eliminated, as has the adverse moral effect.

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