Social network deprive relationship romance

Social media has infiltrated our lives and settled in it. Users often encounter problems due to excessive dependence on virtual communication. Scientists have found that active users of Twitter more often quarrel with their partners. Interestingly, the duration of the relationship of the social network of no effect, writes Health India.

In the study, researchers from the University of Missouri asked questions users of Twitter. Just in the survey took part 581 Respondent. Scientists were interested in the frequency of use of Twitter, the number of friends, posts, activity correspondence and the relationship of these indicators with a real relationship, with the second half.

It turned out the higher human activity on Twitter, the higher the risk of conflict with your partner.

Similar results were obtained previously, scientists network Facebook. Then have found an Association between the frequency of use of social networks and the likelihood of conflict or separation.

Psychologists claim that modern man should decrease the time devoted to social networking. Active use prevents the partners from each other, which is always accompanied by the growth of mistrust between partners.

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