Social media users sucked into a whirlwind of depression

Social networks significantly increase the likelihood of developing depression, if sites from this category to use a Chur active. Scientists do not recommend to watch updated news, in which the friends make up your life for other people.

We have to admit, sometimes we embellish too happened to us the events, describing them on social networks. This creates a false impression of "always a happy man". He's not sick and not tired, he was always joyful and productive, but life consists only of positive aspects.

In the survey, the researchers found, constant monitoring of the progress of friends on social networks inevitably leads to depressed state and the symptoms of depression. According to statistics, the risk of clinical forms of depression among active users of social networks are above normal by 2.7 times.

"Observing others and idolizing their life, they are even more depressed," commented the results of study author Brian Primack.

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