"Social infertility" is a new diagnosis for single women

Modern medicine States the facts: a lot of women currently accessing IVF is not due to the fact that they can give birth to a child, and, on ideological grounds. This group unit of society are women who turned 40 years old with no family, as well as gay and those who do not want to spend their personal time on the searched partner, reports the newspaper edition of The Sydney Morning Herald.

Hospital Sydney and Melbourne have made such an unusual findings at a scientific conference. Available information working in the clinics, the number of women eager to have a baby with a sperm donor, grew by 10% over the last few years.

The President of the society for reproduction from Australia says that today to be in the status of "single mother" is considered a normal phenomenon. To purchase donor sperm is all that is necessary to carry out the woman after 35 years. Parents or relatives will help and support you in this difficult time. This phenomenon is called "social infertility".

However, some donor groups do not agree with those that will use their material because they fear for the happy childhood of a child who will not have the father. Professor GEB Kovacs of the Monastic centre of the ECO States that his patients are successful women, who made his career in journalism or banking, that is, they themselves are able to provide the child.

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If you wish to have a child, then for security purposes, it is better to use these services than to seek out a man for one night. To date, this problem of the whole society, which processes are not allowed, and only give a false sense of innocence.

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