Sochi is committed to the first place for cancer incidence in Europe

The ecological situation in Sochi is far from ideal, according to the experts, including academician Anatoly kudaktin. At the meeting of the Sochi city branch of the Russian Geographical society, he shared his thoughts on the state of the environment in the city.

The position is an academic, and the facts which he cites, is very simple. For the Olympics the government spent a huge amount of money, as a result, the city has renewed the infrastructure, many buildings. However, the development of ecology of the main Russian resort has been allocated a meager amount.

During the development and preparation of the city for the Olympics, the environmental situation has deteriorated. "Will be held 5-6 years, and the city of Sochi will occupy the first place in Europe in Oncology" - says Anatoly kudaktin.

Critical situation is observed with the local river. The academician said, everything can be fixed, however, will require huge money and several decades of intensive work in the field of ecology.

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