Soccer tricks slowly harm the brain

Young athletes, regularly taking the ball on the head, is at risk of dangerous brain damage, these are the conclusions of scientists from the University of Rochester.

Conclusion researchers can become a "red card" for the habit to take a head kick among young players.

This small study may have serious consequences for youth sports organizations. Meanwhile, scientists are trying to identify the critical number of strikes the ball on the head, the exceeding of which leads to brain damage. The second stage of the work of scientists will be to convince the players and the coach to stop the training session or game, when the stroke limit is exceeded.

For years scientists have observed 9 athletes and 6 non-sports people, and then compared the images scan of their brain. One of the 9 athletes concussion of the brain, the images remaining 8 were more like snapshots of an athlete with a concussion, than pictures of people not involved in sports this year.

In athletes, receiving blows to the head, change the white matter was observed three times more likely than non-athletes.

Scientists now advise all doctors athletes every year to take pictures of the brain of patients to compare the changes and identify the likelihood of concussion.

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