Soap modernity - is it safe?

Every day there is a growing diversity of modern cosmetic tools. But now even make the choice of the piece of soap seems to be difficult due to the incredible number of brand-new titles and colorful labels, aggressive and Intrusive advertising and sky-high promises of the manufacturers.

In the modern Soaps are fats and lye. Based on recent studies, researchers found that alkali ruthlessly, as an invisible film envelops the skin surface, thereby destroying it, and further provokes irritation, and then draining the skin.

Making the choice of fats for the production of soap industry in our time does not limit itself only natural substances. Thus, for the production of soap are now widely used fat-synthetics, which is obtained by refining. To attract customers, its products manufacturers add a variety of natural ingredients, take, for example, medicinal herbs. But before buyers will surely have a question, how, in the soap composition is useful substances, and how many others?

Manufacture of soap significantly reduced the price by any additives-sintetico, the cost of the soap becomes significantly cheaper, but it is, alas, unfortunately, not useful for the skin because it becomes dry and tight, sometimes the irritation of the skin, and then his peeling.

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In order to produce a range of quality Soaps and thereby protect themselves from low quality product, you can, of course, carefully examine the labels, but the number of unfamiliar words, and also chemical compounds that are listed on them you can ultimately lead to a dead end. Therefore it is best to use a trivial recommendation: before you buy a soap, it should smell and be sure to pay attention to the color of the product. Than the color of the soap is closer to natural color, so it is better, and this means that it is safer for your skin.

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