Snoring must be trimmed language

The doctors found a new way to deal with constant snoring laser surgery. Using laser removes about 10 percent of the tissue of the tongue at the base, allowing it to descend in the mouth and reduce or completely relieve a person from snoring. As a consequence, even if the night language of the patient will be aligned, lock the respiratory tract will not happen. The patient will not feel any discomfort after surgery, and his speech will not be affected. The only unfortunate consequence after the operation discomfort when swallowing for two days.

The success of surgical treatment scientists estimate up to 80 percent, for a transaction already developed a special robot called Da Vinci, he already widely used about the surgery of the prostate.

This operation should be a salvation for people suffering from night of apone severe. As is known chronic apone leads to a permanent sleep disturbance, increased sleepiness, as a consequence of instability to stress, memory loss and General health. To reduce vibration when the snoring will also allow the removal of part of the epiglottis surgically. However, there is in operation and contraindications, such as body mass index of the patient should not be above 35, so as to the outcome of the treatments significantly affected the fatty deposits in the neck.

Worldwide, around 40 percent of the population suffer from snoring when you sleep, 10 percent of them are at risk of respiratory failure due to night apone.

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