Scientists have developed a unique device for getting rid of sleep apnea and snoring. It consists of elastic bands that are implanted in the language. Put the implant can be in a regular clinic. However, this can be done only after clinical trials.

Elastic band compresses the language and does not allow him to sink down during sleep. The invention now passes the test of effectiveness of 50 patients. Already noted that such bands is much easier masks, creating strong pressure on the respiratory tract.

The device has quite simple design. It is a piece of elastic with loops at the ends. The implant is stretched and in a special way is fixed by means of a plastic tube. The installation is traumatic and requires surgery on the tongue.

A few days later the implant is overgrown and is in the thickness of language. Appears artificially created tone in the body that prevents indents and relieves the person from snoring. In severe cases, doctors can establish simultaneously up to four devices.

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