Snack healthy

The results of the latest studies have shown that meal, in other words, eating before lunch or dinner is not so bad for the body. People who regularly something chewing between the main meals, eat foods healthier than those who eat on a strict schedule to three times a day (Breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Scientists from oberschule University (USA) came to the conclusion that people, often eating between Breakfast, dining hours and dinner, in General, consume a lot more fruits and drink more milk than those who use food at a fixed time. "There is a widespread notion that ordinary meal is not healthy dietary behavior. However, we have found that the more people spend time with the bite, the more he eats healthy food," report the researchers. But, nevertheless, even those who most often were eating, less the amount of vegetables, which was recommended by the experts.

In experiment took part 11209 people over the age of 20 years, which have passed the survey and inspection of the physical condition of the body. Their diet for good health was assessed on a scale from 1 to 100. In the end, it was found that those who regularly eat some, was the most healthy diet. Those subjects who were eating only at the table, won about 49 points, and those who have not refused before lunch or after dinner, something to chew received 52 points.

Experts recommend to make a choice in favor of healthy snacks, such as fruits and vegetables instead of those products that harmful organism, or it may not bring absolutely no benefit.

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