Smoothies are harmful to health

Today, fruit cocktails, such as frappe, smoothies or drinks with frozen yogurt, considered an excellent alternative to eating, and many people use them instead of to eat something. In fact, these drinks are much more calories than a full lunch, and some of them contain 31 teaspoon of sugar, writes The Sydney Morning Herald.

Organization "Choice" made the analysis of the 95 species such beverages are sold in different networks. In 81 drink the amount of sugar was much higher than the acceptable rate of sugar. The reason was syrups with a high content of fructose, concentrated fruit juices, as well as various dyes and flavorings. That is why some smoothies with yogurt, which was used in the network "Baskin and Robbins",contained a quantity of sugar, equivalent to 31 teaspoon.

But the producers from the network "Boost Juice" prepare smoothies from juice, but at the same time, the caloric content of one serving of the drink is 478 calories, while nutritionists advise that the products used to eat, not to exceed 143 calories.

But in every restaurant the size of standard servings vary, therefore, impossible to calculate, how many actually calories humans consume during lunch break.

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