Smoking within the first five minutes after waking up is extremely dangerous

American experts from the University of Pennsylvania found that smoked in the morning cigarette is the most dangerous, because Smoking after waking up largely increases the risk of lung cancer. Scientists came to this conclusion after analyzed data from nearly 2 thousand smokers.

Researchers have analyzed the habits of the respondents and found that 32 percent of respondents smoke their first cigarette within the first five minutes after waking up. 31 percent of respondents were smokers started Smoking between six minutes and half an hour, and 18 percent in the period from 30 minutes to an hour. The remaining 19 percent smoked after was one hour and more.

All participants of the research assistants measured the level of carcinogen NNAL, which occurs as a result of the burning of tobacco, and that quantity helps to predict the risk of lung cancer. As it turned out, most of the mentioned carcinogen was found in those smokers who lit their first cigarette within five minutes after waking up.

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This phenomenon scientists determine that, just waking up, the person is breathing much deeper to provide the body the necessary oxygen to start a full day activity. Lighting a cigarette at this point, the smoker provides its light not only oxygen, but also harmful substances, which are formed after combustion of the cigarette. It should be noted that an earlier study by scientists from the medical College Penn state has determined that cigarette smoked within 30 minutes after waking up, increases in 2 times the risk of lung cancer, head and neck. And those people who lit a cigarette immediately after waking up, were 80 percent higher risk of developing cancer.

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