Smoking remains one of the main causes of arthritis

Under rheumatoid arthritis refers to a disease of the connective tissue, in which are struck by the small joints. The disease is autoimmune, and still in academia is not known what was the cause of it.

It should also be noted that in 70 cases out of 100, this disease leads to disability.

During the study analyzed data from more than 34,000 members of the fairer sex, age at the time of the study was 54 -89 years. 219 studied women suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, reports the Deccan Herald.

In addition, research has shown that women who smoke from one to seven cigarettes a day, 2.31 times more susceptible to have rheumatoid arthritis than women who did not use cigarettes at all. Even after fifteen years after quitting, former smokers continue twice to be affected by the development of the mentioned diseases. However, a complete rejection area will have its positive effect only after bad habit will end for fifteen years. In this case, the risk of developing arthritis will be 30% less than those of women who quit Smoking a year ago.

According to study leader Dr. Daniela Giuseppe, Smoking cessation helps to maintain overall health and to avoid the occurrence of rheumatoid arthritis in particular. However, the risk of the aforementioned diseases persist for many years even after people got rid of this bad habit. That is why expert encourages women to quit Smoking or not to start Smoking at all.

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