Smoking reduces the life expectancy of HIV-infected

Passing treatment of HIV-infected people who smoke, put your life in even greater danger. This is evidenced by a study by Danish scientists from the University of Copenhagen, which showed that patients with HIV who are taking antiretroviral drugs, most often die early from Smoking, according to Medicalnewstoday.

As shown by a study conducted on the basis of data about 3000 HIV-infected patients, 60% of fatal cases happened because of Smoking. The same data showed that infected smokers lived in average and 62.6 years, and Smoking - is 78.4 years. Thus, Smoking took them twice more years of life compared with the years that they have picked up the virus.

Smoking is an additional threat to the lives of people with HIV, and in addition it increases the risk of lung cancer, infertility in women, asthma, and various respiratory tract infections

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