Smoking marijuana stimulates the development of brain - research

The number of marijuana smokers in the world is growing since 2007. In some countries (America, Europe, Africa) addressed the issue of the legalization of marijuana for sale in pharmacies and clinics. Eve has reported that Smoking "weed" stimulates the brain more links, writes Science World Report.

Only the study involved 48 people who use drugs, and 62 people, I associated with Smoking marijuana. The experts took into account age, gender volunteers, their ethnicity. In addition, take into account the factor of alcohol consumption and cigarettes. In the experiment, the volunteers were to smoke marijuana three times a day.

According to a study, IQ smokers of marijuana was slightly lower than that of people from the control group. Caused by this phenomenon of drug or insufficient number of volunteers, it is not yet clear. Also, as the fact of the formation of new connections in the brain under the effect of the active substances of cannabis.

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