Smoking leads to laziness, apathy and depression

Smoking, noted Brazilian scientists, leads not only to diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory system, development of dependence. It also reduces the quality of life and productivity of man, his health and a positive attitude.

In the present study involved 110. 50 of them were regular smokers. All volunteers gave the device is a pedometer and offered to walk with him for 12 hours every day. Study routes proved that smokers are significantly less walked.

The main reason is the relationship of the mental and physical condition of the person. Many smokers have problems with prolonged walking and physical activity. They develop shortness of breath, chest pain. As a result, they are transferred to a sedentary lifestyle or travel by car.

Previously, scientists have proven that cigarettes can't save from depression and fatigue, and Vice versa, cause this pathology. Most of the smokers there is no motivation for combating harmful habit. Reduced physical activity leads to decreased ventilation of the lungs, tissue hypoxia and reduced quality of life.

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