Smoking is one cause of early baldness in men

Cigarettes, and it contained harmful substances affect human health. First of all, it affects the respiratory system, bronchi and lungs. In addition, affect the heart and blood vessels, the person becomes less resilient, decreasing concentration and efficiency. Doctors and scientists are trying to save the world from bad habits and lead the fight against tobacco. Recently, a group of scientists from National Taiwan University conducted a series of studies aimed at studying the influence of tobacco smoke on the body of men. It turns out that harmful substances can provoke early baldness. Smoking, according to scientists, is the main risk factor for this disease, which definitely suggests.

In the present experiment was attended by more than 700 men from Taiwan. Most of them were older and Mature. Research has shown that men who during the day had smoked more than a pack of cigarettes, had a sharply increased risk of early baldness. The trend had a progressive trend and depended on the number of cigarettes smoked. It is worth noting that the age criteria was not involved as alopecia began pathologically early.

Another interesting fact that the Asian race is more resistant to hair loss. Most people leading a healthy lifestyle, live to an old age and are not confronted with baldness. Scientists say that the hair loss in the area is related to the resolution of the follicle from the root of the hair. This anatomical education suited nerves, blood vessels, sebaceous glands. Nicotine and tar reduces food in small vessels, causing them to spasm. This leads to necrosis of the nutrient system of the hair that causes early hair loss.

Scientists advise to quit Smoking everyone who wants to keep poofy hair and your health for years to come. Deliverance from bad habits will give a huge advantage and will extend the duration and quality of life.

It is worth noting that every day each person loses up to one hundred hair and each hair grows up to seven years. There are actively growing hair, which is the majority and the backup group that is in the dormant stage. In a certain period of time resting hair begins to fall out, and further growth is not possible.

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