Smoking in the morning is extremely dangerous

Scientists from the state Medical College of Pennsylvania warn that those who grabs a cigarette, barely awake, are at increased risk of developing cancer of the head, neck, lungs than those who choose to smoke after lunch.

These smokers are usually more dependent on nicotine, so their body gets the greatest changes from the drug. Predisposition to nicotine may depend on genetics, personality factors.

Researchers compared 4775 lung cancer patients and 2835 smokers not exposed to cancer. It was found that those who smoked within 30 minutes after I woke up, 1.3 times more likely to develop lung cancer than those who took a cigarette at least an hour. Well, those who didn't wait after waking up half an hour turned out to be 1, 79 times more often carriers of this severe disease.

There were also compared data on 1055 smokers with head and neck cancer and 795 smokers without him. As expected, those who smoked within 30 minutes after awakening, were predisposed to develop cancer in 1, 42 times, and those who smoked, literally not getting out of bed, became patients oncologist 1, 59 times more likely than other smokers.

Therefore, the sooner you take the morning for a cigarette, the higher the probability that you can diagnose cancer. Because if you decide to quit - give up a morning cigarette.

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