Smoking in childhood and adolescence affect the health of future offspring

The researchers concluded that regular Smoking to 11 years leads to a deterioration in the health of future offspring. In particular, talking about the problems with weight in adolescence. Apparently, the combustion products of tobacco violate the metabolism of future generations, writes Zee News.

Until the end is not clear why this effect was registered by scientists only among men who started Smoking before the age of 11. Scientists expected data, taking into account genetic factors, the presence or absence of obesity from his father. It was found that the body mass index in young smokers was lowest. It is likely that the period before puberty has a strong influence on the health of future children and is sensitive to the effects of environmental factors.

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Only the study involved nearly 10 thousand fathers, more than half of them smoked. 166 people have started to smoke before the age of 11. The researchers examined the children of these men at the age of 13, 15 and 17 years. It was found that infants of smokers often then others had problems with weight. The onset of puberty, the average child gained 5-10 extra pounds.

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