Smoking during pregnancy provokes the risk of obesity in a child

The woman continues to smoke until the second trimester of pregnancy, risks to "reward" your unborn baby fat Teens, scientists say Canada.

Already had found a link between the abuse of cigarettes a woman during pregnancy and factor in the development of obesity in the unborn child of such a mother. However, until now, was unknown mechanism. May cause weight gain becomes a preference for fatty foods, which is partially regulated by the reward system of the brain", - informs "RIA Novosti" with reference to the authors of the study.

A group of scientists analyzed the health status 378 adolescents Quebec from 13 to 19 years. When selecting the researchers did not take into account gender of subjects, age, pubertal development, or growth, in addition, they wanted to minimize the difference in the influence of socioeconomic factors, so the participants were selected taking into account the mother's education and success in school.

Adolescents were divided into 2 groups. In 1-Yu (180 people) included those students whose mothers smoked at least until the end of the second trimester of pregnancy more than one cigarette daily. The second consisted of the children of Smoking mothers (198), and here were the students whose mothers did not smoke not only during pregnancy but also during the 1st year of life of the subject, emphasized in an interview for the journal Archives of General Psychiatry scientists.

Summarizing these studies, the authors brought this trend: children of Smoking women were born with less weight and mother nursed their chest over a short period of time. Reaching adolescence, these study participants had a much greater weight, body mass index and body fat in the body when compared with Nonsmoking group of children of the same age, height and gender.

In addition, adolescent group And was fixed by the smaller volume of the area of the brain called the amygdala. Scientists have linked reduced the size of this structure with increased consumption of fatty food, as in the usual size of the amygdala is not only responsible for the manifestation of emotions and preservation of memories, but also monitors and restricts fat intake. This allowed the researchers to conclude that: "Prenatal maternal exposure to smoke cigarettes can contribute to weight gain, changing food preferences in favor of fatty food, and this effect may be due to structural changes in the amygdala body" (RIA Novosti).

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