Smoking is also dangerous for the liver, like alcohol, according to the hepatologists. Tobacco tar are highly toxic, they are poisonous. The resin not only accumulate in the lungs, they penetrate the liver. That is why nicotine addiction is hurting the largest human gland, causing irreversible changes.

"The resin contained in the inhaled tobacco smoke contain carcinogens. Some of them accumulate in the lung, other enter the bloodstream and enters the liver. In addition, nicotine and other components of tobacco smoke cause changes the blood vessels throughout the body. This impairs the blood supply to the heart, brain, and of course, the liver. However, changes occur slowly and in small period of time not lead to disaster. To a greater extent of vascular changes relate to smokers with experience or those who like strong cigarettes," says Sergey vyalov, MD, a gastroenterologist, hepatologist.

Along with that tobacco smoke harms the stomach. Some smoke will inevitably fall into the cavity of the body, causing the inflammation. Doctors recommend to quit Smoking as early as possible to avoid serious illnesses that reduce quality of life. Part of diseases caused by Smoking cigarettes, has no clear symptoms and appear suddenly.

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