Smoking at the genetic level provokes the increase of mortality - the scientists

Scientists have proven that Smoking modifies the structure of genes and directly increases the mortality from the disease at the genetic level. Specialists consideration of the link between Smoking and mortality is not the first time. However, still was not clear how Smoking alters the genes and affects life expectancy.

In the new study, researchers from Denmark found answers to questions. Scientists have traced in over 10 years of 55.5 thousands of people in the country. 3.4 thousand people in ten years died from those or other reasons. It turned out that smokers had a risk of dying at 75% higher than people the same age, leading a healthy lifestyle.

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In addition, researchers have found a gene responsible for the craving for tobacco. People with this gene are 20% more likely to have smoked cigarettes. It is possible that this gene is modified under the influence of nicotine and tar variant normal genetic structure.

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