Smoking and animal products are the main causes of cancer - scientists

Scientists have found two main reasons for the development of cancer processes in humans. It turned out that animal food and Smoking most influence the activity of cancer cells. The data were confirmed in an international study, based on global indicators of cancer incidence.

The study recorded data on the incidence of cancer in 157 countries and all major types of cancer. About half of cases are associated with Smoking or frequent consumption of food of animal origin. In a separate group of patients, the development of which is associated with excessive alcohol consumption.

Interestingly, men in the first place hazard factor is Smoking, whereas for women the leader is feeding excessive animal proteins.

In addition, scientists have identified a connection between meat products and certain types of cancer. Often meat-lovers are faced with ovarian cancer, prostate, testes, pancreas and kidneys. This is because proteins provoke the development of all cells, including cancer.

Scientists believe that the ideal diet, protects against cancer, is the typical diet of the Japanese. Its only 10% of meat products, while the main nutrients come from rice, cereals and sea food.

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