Smoking affects the cerebral cortex - the scientists

Scientists from Montreal Neurobiological Institute and Edinburgh University conducted an analysis of the cerebral cortex of a volunteer group of 500 people. The first survey was conducted in 1947. It turned out the cortex of smokers over time thinner.

People divided into three groups: smokers, former smokers and those who never smoked. The analysis of the collected data allowed to set, the gray matter of smokers over the years thinner stronger than humans, leading a healthy lifestyle. In the group renounced area, scientists noticed the recovery of the thickness of the cerebral cortex.

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Note that such reduction reactions were not observed in heavy smokers who refuse bad habits after the great experience. Degenerative processes associated with Smoking, scientists believe, increase the risk of diseases associated with the nervous system. So, in old age, smokers often confronted with dementia, neurological diseases and other, not less dangerous pathologies.

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