Smoking accelerates the development of menopause for a few years

Scientists from the Medical school Perelman established that Smoking accelerates the arrival of menopause for a few years. Habit in conjunction with a genetic mutation leads to the development of early menopause. In some cases, it comes in nine years earlier, informs NBC News. The mutation was found in 7% of European women.

Scientists studied the mechanism of interaction between genetic component with dangerous substances tobacco smoke. It turned out that most of the toxins penetrate through biological barriers are not active. However, there are genes that transforms inert toxins in hazardous substances.

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In research took part 410 of women aged from 35 to 47 years. The trial itself lasted 14 years. Half of the subjects belonged to African Americans, the rest were Caucasoid features. On average, menopause when Smoking was approaching one year earlier. Only to African-American women is not treated. It is possible that they are certain genes for detoxification of tobacco from the body.

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