Smokers spend less time at work than non-smokers

The absence of smokers is two to three days per year more than non-smokers. Experts at the University of Nottingham conducted a study of the results of 29 studies for 1960-2011 years, the report of which was published in the journal Addiction. Only one UK damages associated with absenteeism reaches 1.4 million pounds annually.

Moreover, even if a smoker comes to work in time for the assigned job or his duties he requires more time than non-smokers, because the day is spent a lot of time on smoke breaks.

As written in the article of the newspaper, the number of work days missed smokers 33% more than non-smokers. Moreover, children from families in which someone smokes, also often do not attend school. According to the newspaper, passive Smoking causes an increased susceptibility to various diseases.

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