Smokers of marijuana no motivation

The existing opinion that marijuana smokers are distinguished by their indifference and carelessness, received scientific confirmation. British scientists in the study found that in the brain lovers marijuana is much less chemical compounds associated with motivation. In this scientific work of researchers using positron emission tomography (PET) conducted brain scans of 19 people who regularly smoked cannabis, and 19 volunteers who did not do this.

This type of imaging allows to measure the distribution of the chemicals throughout the brain. Thus, it was found that in the body lovers marijuana produces less dopamine, a hormone that is responsible for good health. This hormone plays an important role in reward and motivation, while promoting the search for promotional activities. In the striatum (one of the areas of the brain) smokers of cannabis was marked by an extremely low level of dopamine.

Meanwhile, scientists believe that this state it is too early to be classified as syndromes. Researchers from king's College London analysed the brain of people who started Smoking cannabis at the age from 12 to 18 years. They have observed the symptoms of psychosis, which was manifested in the form of threats from some unknown force, and strange thoughts. There is an opinion that psychosis is associated with high levels of dopamine, and that its scientists had hoped to find. But the results were the opposite.

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