Smokers from Russia and China more often die from stroke - statistics

The experts analysed data about deaths in 187 countries between 1990 and 2010, the disease ischemic stroke. It turned out that the share of China fell 26% of fatal cases, Russia 10%, India from the University of Oxford followed for mortality statistics in the DC area. It turned out that the Russian, Chinese and Indian smokers frequently than the rest die from ischemic stroke.

Scares scientists the fact that the situation, even 20 years later, not better. In contrast, by 2010 has been a trend towards higher mortality from stroke, which will continue in the near future. Draws attention to the fact that the figures of deaths from stroke in the three countries exceed those in the remaining 184 States.

The authors of the study attributed the number of fatal cases with the wholesale distribution of tobacco products in these countries. The availability of cigarettes and rampant addiction to harmful habit can result in serious illness leading to disability and death.

Note, the number of deaths associated with tobacco Smoking in the United States and Japan over the last 20 years, on the contrary, decreased.

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