Smokers do not believe in the danger of cigarettes

The survey involved 1,600 volunteers aged 40-75 years. In 1463 the person of cancer has never been, 481 volunteer quit Smoking, 330 people smoked per day for an average of 14.2 cigarettes per day. Every third smoker assumed: 10 cigarettes per day do not cause great harm to health and do not increase the likelihood of developing cancer. Information published in The Daily Mail.

Half of the respondents gave a report: the risk of cancer is higher than average. About 40% were aware that high chance of the cancer remained even after giving up cigarettes. Humanity will not soon realizes the dangers of tobacco, conclude scientists.

Not so long ago, doctors linked cigarette Smoking with the development of 21 diseases, including 12 types of cancer, diabetes, 6 diseases of the cardiovascular system. Tar and nicotine increase the frequency of respiratory diseases, infectious diseases, cirrhosis of liver and renal failure.

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