Smokers are more susceptible to stress and anxiety

Smoking inhibits the process of struggle with anxiety in the brain - this is the conclusion of scientists at the University overall health of Virginia in the United States. Studies have shown that very often people try to calm down with the help of cigarettes. And experiments on animals have found that nicotine reduces the work of the nicotinic receptors, which leads to increased anxiety person.

Scientists compare nicotine with a key that was broken inside the castle. According to them, some doses of nicotine stop certain subtypes of receptors, which in turn are responsible for the regulation of anxiety person.

Also researchers at the University found that one of the main reasons why smokers can't quit Smoking, it is the impossibility of quick and adequate response of the brain to anxiety due to the lack of a dose of nicotine in the body. They explained this by the fact that nicotine is very much affects the different parts of the brain and thereby does not give the smoker the chance to give up Smoking.

Smokers who wish to get rid of this harmful habit, are very aggressive. Often they can not control their anger and break even on trifles.

Emerging emotional problems can't just pick up and disappear, using smoked a couple of cigarettes, so it is very important to solve these problems as soon as possible. Smokers deprived of cigarettes even for a few hours, feels disgusting and broken, as he quickly tries to get rid of these sensations again smoked a cigarette.

Experienced physicians in such cases it is recommended to former smokers as much as possible to fill your day pleasant and positive emotions. After all, living on a full positive, we just don't have the time and desire to be sad.

The great strength of will and understanding of the human problem and its solution are the effective methods that will help get rid of this bad habit!

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