Smoke or drink - pay more

Deputy Chairman of the Committee on health Tatyana Yakovleva said that for smokers and drinkers Russians the cost of health insurance should be higher than for persons without such harmful habits.

The scheme is simple - drink, smoke, consciously groberg their health - pay for this pleasure more, society should not pay for the treatment of a person who consciously chooses this path.

Tatyana Yakovleva said at the plenary session of the state Duma on April 10: "Smoke or drink - pay more". The speech was timed to coincide with world Health day, held on 7 April.

It is also proposed to introduce a tiered system of insurance contributions in the workplace, which will depend on morbidity in the working group as a whole. For example, tax incentives will be provided to people who are not seriously ill during the insurance period. Also companies will be asked to insure not only the employee, but also his family, the funds for this will come from the tax base.

This proposal is an attempt to find an alternative motivation for Russians to live a healthy lifestyle as simple agitation does not help them to quit Smoking and alcohol.

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