Smiling heart will be healthier

An excellent mood is able to keep his heart healthy. Scientists from America in the course of the study came to the conclusion that positive-minded people suffer less heart disease, as itself only happiness is able to normalize the pressure. And depressed condition of the person and stress contribute to heart disease.

Medical researchers from the Harvard school conducted a study and found the connection optimistic spirit of man from his state of the cardiovascular system. The results are stunning: optimistic people on fifty percent suffer less heart disease. In addition, they ate only healthy foods, which contributed to the positive results of the study. However, the fact that positive-minded people are much less likely to suffer heart disease, impresses many leading experts, because now it is proven by scientists.

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But, scientists believe that these conclusions are not accurate enough, because the connection between the mental state of the person and health of his heart are complex and not yet fully understood. This claim scientists deserves that research in this area will continue. Perhaps in the future we will witness not one high-profile opening associated with positive mood and health.

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