Smartphones will help in the diagnosis of depression

The Daily Mail reports: by counting the number of time a person spends at your phone, you can get full social status and the risk of developing depression in the person.

Scientists have suggested that the more often the phone is used, the more pronounced the likelihood of developing depression in the individual. The average person spends with the phone every day for about 17 minutes, when depression this figure is increasing and is approximately 68 minutes. The phone replaces the outdoors, live chat with friends.

Data were confirmed in an experiment involving 28 volunteers, virtual activity which scientists removed within two weeks. Was also assessed information about the location of people.

A tendency to depression by just two parameters, the scientists conclude, you can install with a probability of 87%. There is a special group of people who must constantly be in touch promptly to answer calls and emails. However, they often change their location, so the chance of development of mental pathology among them small.

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