Smartphones prevent children to distinguish emotions - the scientists

Experts from the University of California found that prolonged use of a child's mobile phone is injurious to health. In some cases, children cease to discern the emotions of others and respond to what is happening around.

The study involved 100 children, who were divided into two groups. One group in frames of the experiment suggested to always use the phones, the second group took on the nature of games and outdoor activities. The experiment lasted five days.

After researchers found that the children from the first group (who carried out all the time with mobile devices) is significantly worse expressing his own emotions and in some cases simply could not understand that he feels the interlocutor.

Communication with peers live establishes communication skills, while diving into the world of virtual entertainment hinders the child to socialize. In the younger generation gets a lot of information of varying degrees of usefulness and the minimum living communication, so important for the child's age.

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