Smartphones increase the load on your back - the scientists

American scientists have found that regular use of cell phones creates an additional load on the spine. Correspondence in social networks, e-mail, browse web sites take from two to four hours of time. During these steps, the head is in an unnatural position, loading of the cervical and thoracic spine, writes the Free Press Journal.

Tilt the head forward creates an additional load on the neck, leads to wear of the ligaments of the spine, intervertebral discs. If in 20-30 years problems with the neck usually overlooked, up to Mature years, most of us celebrate aching pain, reduced mobility in the spine. Cell phones play not the last role in the formation of this pathology.

Scientists lead by example. Additional pressure on the spine when a person makes "selfe" (tilts his head at 60 degrees down), can reach up to 27 kg. In normal use of the phone (the tilt of the head at 15-30 degrees) load grows 12-18 pounds.

Scientists advise attentive to their own health and to monitor the posture while using your phone.

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